Our services

Creating an appropriate space is the hardest point of this job, because everyone has own character and personality, Architect and designer’s duty is try to discover them and find right solutions.
Our architecture services are:

  • Architecture Plans
  • Architecture Services
  • Project Management
  • Modeling
  • Rendering
  • Industrial Plans
  • Engineering Plans

Design is a language. Language of sensation. Nowadays talks same emotions and same feelings than same language. Design is not only for resolve human requirements, its also for understanding each person’s character and can answer their personal emotional needs. Nowadays standards and limits has no meaning.  Everyone wants a product or service which full feel their own needs. So that is why we are here. we are ready for your needs.
Here our services:

  • Interior Design
  • Exterior Design
  • Detail Design
  • Design Advices
  • Graphic Design

Humans prefer to live in cities and this factor makes our living area as bigger everyday and we face to new problems. In the new era its few people who wants and who can live in small towns. For our future, for our target development and requirements we need to be in metropolis and megalopolis but is it possible that these areas can be without management and development plans? Cities and urban territories have a development plan which is usually planed for next twenty or twenty five years by urban planners and designers. Each  change in each part of city, must be thought by planners and best choice in the future must be applied.
there are few architects which enter to urban solutions because of its complication. our team also can offer urban solution services as.

  • Urban Solutions
  • Environment Systems
  • Energy Saving Solutions
  • Urban Planning

Our Industrial service is so wide and extended. In this department we offer service for business sections also industrial sections. just note what you need, the rest job will be done by our team. The Industrial design department is also works on some researches and concepts which will be useful for future and different sectors.here are some of categories of our activities:

  • Logo and Brief Design
  • Heavy Industry Design and Plans
  • Industrial Elements
  • Auto concepts
  •  Commercial Details

We are facing with visual imagery, from every angle during the day . On the social media, on websites, in street while driving or in public transportation or newspapers. some of them touching us inside and some of them not interesting at all. Hope some of our photo activities can be useful for you in below genres:

  • Architectural Photography
  • Nature Photography
  • Various 
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